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This is a moderatley difficult trek over Pin Parbati Pass, leading from Pin valley in Spiti to Parbati valley in Kullu district. Both the rivers originate from this pass.

Detailed Itinerary

Grade: Difficult
Temperatures between -5* to 26* (Variation in Altitude)
(June to September)
Day-1 Kaza-Sagnam, By Bus. Sagnam is situated on the right bank of river Pin. One has to experience a ride on a JHOOLA bridge to reach the village. This is a single wire suspension bridge which is crossed sitting in a sling and sliding on the wire with the help of an Ibex horn. World famous breed of horses called Chaumurti can be seen in this valley.
Day-2 Sagnam-Mud, 11 kms on foot. Mud is the last village in the valley. Trekkers will like to see Sword dance performed by wandering lamas called Buzhen.
Day-3 Mud-Glacier camp, 14 kms on foot. Trek to the campsite by the side of Pin River is difficult.
Day-4 Glacier camp-Mantalai, 14 kms on foot. Trek on the glacier for more than 4 hours to reach the top of the Pin Parbati pass, altitude 16500 feet. From the pass very beautiful view of both the valleys can be had. Britishers had tried to connect both the valleys by road but in vain.
Day-5 Mantalai-Thach, 13 kms On foot. Trek down stream along the left bank of Parbati river. Thach is a wide pasture. Good camping ground.
Day-6 Thach-Khirganga, 11 kms On foot. Go downstream along the left bank to reach Khirganga hot water springs, alti 3354m. Good camping ground.
Day-7 Khirganga-Pulga, 9 km On foot.
Day-8 Pulga-Manikaran, 12 kms On foot. Pluga is located in a very narrow valley with steep hills. The area is totally forested.